Where Blockchain, AI, Big Data and Energy Management converge

Helping the energy industry to take advantage of the transformative impact of blockchain technology

Compliance Assessment

Ensure your investment complies with all regulations

Business Case Assessment

Optimize your business case with blockchain technology


Safe And Secure

Provide your organization and business with control, security, and ease of use

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Blockchain is a game-changing technology capable of providing trust, transparency and low transaction costs without middlemen and intermediaries.

A “single source of truth” for transaction data, contracts, and deeds of ownership.

Our Services

Dealing with compelling problems in the energy industry and diffusing blockchain-based solutions to create deep and lasting economical and social impact.

Strategy Assessment



We help organizations to create awareness in decentralized technologies and to identify the blockchain potential for the energy sector. We include blockchain solution into their digital transformation roadmap.

Solution Design



We design decentralized solutions to energy-related use cases based on several different blockchain platforms, including workshops with our clients to collect requirements and to provide guidance regarding state-of-the-art technologies.

Hands-on Training



We offer customized training sessions, both on-premises and online, to C-level executives and personnel that covers aspects related to blockchain and decentralized technologies and their application in the energy sector.


Ecosystem Management


We take explicit care of the consortium dynamics by balancing the benefits among the competing interests that may exist within the consortium and by defining the consortium governance, while at the same time we ensure the privacy of company-related sensitive data.

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