About Us

MRC Blockchain Lab is a research and implementation unit of MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers, a consultancy firm specialized in sustainable development of the energy sector.

The Lab counts on a small team of highly skilled blockchain professionals, supported by the extensive energy knowledge and expertise of the MRC Group.

We offer our clients in the public and the private sector a full-range of blockchain-based services and products, to take full advantage of this transformative technology.

Modelling and Simulations

Modelling and simulating distributed smart grids and energy trading based on blockchains and smart contracts


Research and Implementation

Implementation practice and research complementing each other in constructive and effective ways

Customized Solutions

Customizing public and private blockchains to the specific needs of your enrgy business

Continuous Assistance

Complete and continuous assistance to each of our customers in all services and products, remotely and vis-a-vis.